Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Writing Goofs

I just saw that my efforts have been published in the Times of Brunswick, a fine production from the private school in Greenwich.  I was very pleased to see my name in print, along with the words I wrote.

What didn't please me was that I saw an error.  My error.  Something that my eye didn't pick up when I was proofreading.


It happens here on the blog also.  I can reread something from three, four, five years ago and find a misspelled word, poor (or improper) phrasing and tense, etc.  So...damn...frustrating.  I expect more from myself.

But to find it in a publication?  Grumble.

You can say "what about an editor?  Shouldn't they have caught it?"  Maybe, but that's not the point.  I should have - it's on me.


PS, why this is bothering me more than perhaps usual will become clear very soon.  Perhaps in the next post...

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