Monday, January 07, 2013

Technology and Kids

So Sean finally got an iPad for Christmas.  But...there was a catch.

First, yes, it's my former iPad.  I got a new one.  I had asked him if he wanted mine for Christmas months ago, and his answer was "Yes!"  I asked around in the days leading up to Christmas, and the universal answer was that my idea was a good one.  He did get more than the iPad.  So he's happy.

Oh, kudos to my cousin Kris for the idea to hide the iPad under the idea of it being "broken."  And Lisa was a co-conspirator.  Thanks to them both.

Before it got handed over to Sean, I changed a bunch of settings.  He can't download apps.  Can't even update them without my OK.  I used common sense and the advice of many online regarding what settings to change.  I left some music on there for him (he's a Beatles fan, after all).  Up to a point, there is some trust involved, but that trust is for him, not people online.  Only an idiot doesn't know that there are too many predators out there.

I also set him up with an email account - that goes to me.  The reason behind that is so that he can and I can communicate via iMessage.  I wanted a direct way to reach out to him from time to time, and this seemed to be a good avenue.  It's worked so far, whether he is upstairs or 20 miles away.

Unfortunately, it's an first generation iPad, so there's no camera.  Therefore, there's no Face Time.

I've often wondered about a cell phone for Sean.  Now - to be sure - I still think he's a touch too young.  That's just my opinion, of course.  He told me a few of his friends have cell phones, but I'm not ready to make that leap yet.  Still, I was interested in this article I read this morning from a woman who gave her 13-year-old son an iPhone for Christmas (via Good Morning America).  It came with a set of rules and regulations.  I think it is very smart.

Sean will eventually get one.  One step at a time.

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