Saturday, January 12, 2013

DeDe Murcer Moffett on The Press Box

DeDe at Yankee Stadium.
Let's flash back to December 17 for just a moment.  If you recall, despite getting close to Christmas, it was not a particularly happy time in the northeast (or the US, for that matter).  The world got to know a place called Sandy Hook Elementary School just three days earlier.  By the 17th, we knew we would do "The Press Box."  We just had to figure out how.

To help us, we had Dave Rothenberg on from ESPN New York (98.7 FM).  Dave was nice enough to stay with us for an hour, and had a lot of laughs (some of it at my own expense).

Of course, we would play holiday tunes throughout the show, and that gave me an idea.

My friend DeDe Murcer Moffett had just begun making some Christmas music available online.  I had often wanted to have DeDe on the show, as she has become someone whom I enjoyed talking sports with (especially during the baseball season).  Her tweets and Facebook statuses encourage people to "Snap Out of It!"  DeDe is an inspirational and motivational speaker, as well as a singer.  More so, she is a survivor, having conquered alcoholism.

When I saw that she had released the holiday music, I felt she was a perfect fit for the show.  Now...would she say yes?

She did not hesitate.  We welcomed her in our second hour, and she charmed all of us.  Ryan DeMaria, Chris Kaelin and Max Barefoot listened along as Chris Erway and I spoke with DeDe.  We talked about her music, DeDe's one-woman show, her uncle Bobby, our "small world" friend Maureen Brogan Pruner (who grew up a few houses away from me), Newtown and more.  The total time is 17 minutes.

I promised I would put the interview online, but it took a while to get the audio.  Better late than never.

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Madalyn said...

DeDe ROCKS! What an inspiration!