Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sean's First Band Concert

This one time, at band camp...

Let's just get the joke out of the way, OK.?

Charlie Parker.  John Coltrane.  Gerry Mulligan.  Stan Getz.  Paul Desmond.  Clarence Clemons.  Johnny Colla (from Huey Lewis and the News - didn't think I'd forget them, did you?).

And Sean Adams.

Great saxophone players all.

They all had to start out with rough versions of things like "Jingle Bells."

I had a good seat for Sean's debut Thursday night at John Jay High School.
But, when it came time for Sean to start his legendary ascent to playing the solo on "Born to Run" or "The Heart of Rock and Roll", he was a blur.
I promise, he's on the stage, basically straight behind his teacher...
No, seriously...
And so they played, finishing up their set with "Jingle Bells."
And then he became blurry again.
Sigh...oh well, at least he met the paparazzi afterwards.

 "Yes, Sean, that's right, over here!  Show me love!"

Anyway, of course I'm proud.  Happy to see him so happy.

By the way, I get it.  You've got multiple kids and one of yours is in the show.  So the whole brood comes.  Got it.  But...any chance you can keep the others under control?  One of them has a cough - a wheezing hack - and isn't covering his mouth while he's bouncing in his seat.  Now, where I'm from, my arse would have been planted.  Then again, I would only get a look.  That's all it took.  But, no, you basically ignore your little darling.


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