Monday, January 21, 2013

Politics Make Strange Friends

Boy, do I regret this.

For some reason, I felt a duty to watch President Obama take his unofficial second oath-of-office.  (If you don't know, by law, he took the real Oath of Office yesterday.)

To that end, I posted the following:   

I feel a responsibility to watch the POTUS get sworn in.  Congrats.  Now go save this great country.  Find people jobs.  Keep us safe.  Etc.

A friend followed-up with a perfect comment, saying that we would prefer to not see the country dip any lower.  That set off a near political fireball of accusations and so-on.  It seems to have been quickly squashed, by silence and a retort from a certain blogger/broadcaster.

I suggest the conversation stops.  Here.  Now.

And, no, I don't regret watching.  Or posting.

On this Martin Luther King Day, our political system put the current President back in office.  There are reasons for that, and they do not matter.  We are here, at this time, to celebrate the swearing-in, or simply ignore it.

I was prepared to do the former, but chose the latter.  I only wish I had skipped it only because of the presence of Senator Chuck Schumer, chief media scoundrel of the United States.  I've railed against him before, and will not go there now.

Look, if you're new, let me say it again.  I am not a party guy.  I am an American.  I am an independent.  I have not - and will not - vote on a party line.  But that is why we have the right to a vote: so that we can vote however the heck we wish.  If we wish to write in "Derek Jeter", we can.  If we choose to abstain from voting, well, that's your right also.  From there, it's all opinions.  It's my opinion that party lines are irresponsible, but I also feel the same way about not voting.  Then again, not voting can often send a message as well, like empty seats at a hockey game (that's a little levity, people).

On this day, it's not about President George W. Bush.  It's not about President George Washington.  It's about all of them, leading up to Barack Obama, whom we all hope finds the answers that we need to get jobs, lower gas prices, bring home our men and women from war, and help usher in prosperity.

THAT'S what it's about, people.  It's not much more difficult than that.

It's back to sports for me.  The Press Box is on at 7:00 tonight.

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