Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Bulletin! It's Good News!

This is good news...but I don't mean these guys. (Huey Lewis and the News, photographed by Chester Simpson, circa 1982.)

It seems so self-serving.  Sure, I want to jump up and down, and scream it from rooftops.  Yet, believe it or not, I'm much more modest than that.  But I also know people want to hear these things.  So when I get news, I want to tell people, but...then...how?

And then...who?

Well the first person needed to be Lisa.  So I called her as soon as I knew.  Yes I needed to let Mom know.  Of course I did.  My siblings (Laura and Doug).  Paul Silverfarb was the one who helped line this up for me.  Had to call him.  Lindsey Romeo knew.  So did my Playmaker colleagues (Demer, Kato, CJ).  So, yeah, I reached out to each of them.

I emailed a few others, and more found out on online.

Of course, I could have called everyone, but I have this wonderful little vehicle called "the blogio."  So let me explain...

Paul Silverfarb reached out to a few weeks ago and said his company (of which the Greenwich Post is a part) might have an opening.  At first, we talked about being an editor in Stratford, but when I got the interview, it was mentioned that there was also an opening for a reporter in Wilton.

Big upside there?  Wilton (and the office in Ridgefield) is a lot closer than Stratford.  Yesterday, I went back and took a test to see just what kind of writer I really am.  Answer: good...not a great editor...not necessarily a great writer.  I'd say it's kind of what I expected.  I had to answer a few civics questions also (to see if I knew a thing or two about Connecticut).  I never liked tests, but I did OK.  I left my phone in the car, so I didn't cheat!

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I am now a news reporter at the Wilton Bulletin...
I'll write for the paper, the website, and probably on Twitter and Facebook as well.
I must stress that I will be a news reporter, as opposed to a sports reporter.  That doesn't mean I won't dabble or freelance in sports (especially when the esteemed Mr. Silverfarb needs a helping hand...hint...hint).  As for WGCH, well, I'll be around.  You're still stuck with me, Greenwich!  My position there is only a few hours per week anyway.  For one thing, I still love doing radio.  I enjoy "The Press Box" (Monday nights from 7-9).  I live to call games.  I should be able to keep doing both.

Many of you have told me that I should be writing professionally.  I'm glad - finally - that somebody out there agreed.  I have a strong feeling that my writing will get even better as I do this.

That leads me to the question of the blog.  In short, I'm planning on continuing to do this.  What I'm going to do at the Bulletin will be pure news - professional-style writing.  What I do here is fun.  This is where I can write like a columnist.  This has always been about writing opinions and about topics of interest to me.  All of this can exist in peaceful harmony!

I'm beyond thrilled to begin this new and exciting journey.

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DeDe said...

Rob what an incredible opportunity not just for you but for all the people who will now get to read your work!
Congratulations and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

DeDe Murcer Moffett