Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Should the Theme Song for "The Press Box" Be?

I Googled "what music should i use for my new sports show" and this came up.  Go figure.

We're at PB-minus five and there's still some work to be done. For instance, who will the first guest (or guests) be? I have an idea on that. But the question boggling my mind is about music.

It's difficult when you have 15,519 songs in your iTunes. And that's not even my entire collection. It gets overwhelming! So I reached out to my musical genius of a friend, Mr. Jon from R-VA, and asked him for some original compositions.

Jon, it should be noted, played in a legendary hardcore band called Up Front (Wikipedia entry here!). Indeed, I want up-tempo music for the show, but Jon felt the old Up Front tunes might be too much. Still ever the sport, Jon sent along two Up Front tracks, along with two songs from another of his bands, Dayspring, and one from a friends' band, Against Grace. All really good stuff.

Chris Erway, Mr. Wingman himself, suggested a theme song from a wrestler, which I'll decline to post for now. I like the song a lot, but my concern is that it won't necessarily be identified with us.

That of course is the same problem with picking any familiar song.

I would bet that among others who read here - Harold, Mick, and BL (the once and always, "John Harrison" of Majic 105 fame) will have some suggestions). So I'm throwing it open to the loyal (and not-so-loyal) readers of "Exit 55." I want something that pops. I want something that fires me up for the show. I want something snappy (movie quote**, name it!)

I need help!!

**Movie quote answer: Mr. White (Tom Hanks) in That Thing You Do!

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