Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Matt Brown Drops Ceremonial First Puck

If this doesn't make you smile, get choked up, or shed a tear, well then I guess there's no hope for you. This is Matt Brown, whom I'm proud to call a friend (along with his father), dropping the ceremonial first puck at last weekend's Bruins/Islanders game in Boston.

Matt has been through a lot since his on-ice injury in 2010. Richie and Rit Spezzano introduced Chris Kaelin and I to Matt and his dad, Michael Brown. Father and son both appeared on "The Press Box" and I continue to keep an eye on Matt's progress.

Richie Spezzano sent this video to me. Watch and enjoy.

Maybe, just maybe, there could be a reappearance on a future show from Matt and his dad? Stay tuned...

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