Monday, March 12, 2012

New "Press Box" Promo

It's possible that there's nothing more dangerous than three friends trapped in a radio production studio (with another friend on the phone).

I should have saved the outtakes. I should have saved everything. Pure comic genius.

I had a couple of ideas for the new promos for"Press Box." You've already heard the first one, where the deep voiced movie-type promo guy (voiced by a very handsome blogger) gets mocked by all three of us. But that version got lost, so all we have is this: the deep voiced dude, with me asking him questions, and Sean Adams (age 10) providing the final line.

If you're new to this or know nothing about me, then allow me to tell you that I love parody. For over a decade I was part of a wonderful set of videos for the softball league that I was a part of in which we did a different themed parody every year. It is still a goal of mine to get some of those goodies on YouTube.

Back to the topic at hand. Chris Erway, Chris Kaelin, Ryan DeMaria and Peter Griffin (well, not really, but I'm watching Family Guy as I'm typing) decided to have some fun with the Jerry Stiller Capital One radio commercials. The truth is that none of the ideas came out as I thought, but I still like these promos. Nice work by all involved. I love the natural sound of the Kaelin household in the background, in which wife, daughters, and whatever else goes on in "Kato World" can be heard. And Ryan's "creepy old spokesperson" is just funny.

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