Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nowhere Man

I'm Packing (going away on Tuesday), cleaning, watching hoops, etc. Had Sprinsteen on before (did I mention Wrecking Ball is incredible?) Then I popped some Beatles on. Started in the Rubber Soul era. "Nowhere Man" came on.

Wow. It hit home. That's all. Here are the lads singing it in Yellow Submarine. Did they ever make a sadder song?

Speaking of the Fabs, here's a nice composite of Paul/The Beatles doing "I'm Down", another tough song, although more upbeat. But still, not a happy-go-lucky number at all. Yeah...

I like the way this combines The Beatles at Shea Stadium with Sir Paul at Citi Field (which, you might recall, I went to in 2009). I especially enjoyed Paul doing this because it was a real highlight of their 1965 visit to Shea, with John Lennon playing some wild and wacky organ. Always a good Beatles laugh.

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