Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mike D'Antoni Resigns...No Shock Here

Mike D'Antoni has quit as head coach of the New York Knicks. To be quite honest, this news has not not surprised me at all. The team has been in free fall for a few weeks now. D'Antoni and his star player, Carmelo Anthony, clearly did not get along. In a star-driven league, the player wins every time.

The boo birds have won, and they normally get their way, dating back to the days of Allie Sherman and the football Giants ("Goodbye Allie").

It's not a coincidence (to me) that the Knickerbockers have not played well since Anthony returned from an injury. Prior to his return, the Knicks had become a New York story again, as "Linsanity" raged thoughout the Tri-state area. Now they're back to being not-so-good and on the edge of being out of the playoff picture.

It has gotten ugly at the World's Most Famous Arena (I still wonder if that building really deserves that title anymore. It probably is, but...). So who has to go? Yep, the coach. And out he goes. Just looking at the Social Mediaverse, it seems the feeling is united that people are happy he's gone.

I'm not among them. Look, I knew D'Antoni was dead-man walking. But I never felt like he was given the tools. Consider how bad the Knicks were when he first got here.

Ah, it never matters. Always blame the coach.


I blame the players. Specifically, I blame Carmelo Anthony. I wanted him to come to New York. I thought he would bring a world of talent to the Garden. He did. He just hasn't brought winning with him.

So now begins the Phil Jackson talk. It's clearly - definitively - Big Chief Triangle's job to take. He can come home to the MSG, where he once helped the Knicks win a title, way back in 1973...

Yep. That's him.

Be careful what you wish for, New York. Just saying.

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