Friday, March 09, 2012

The Links, The Dinks, and So On

I'm typing away on my not-so-trusty laptop (curse you, Dell!) in part to see if the damn thing actually works! I'll save the news for a another time, but there are some things in the works that would require a reliable laptop so that I can work on the road.

So I'm using this post to see if this laptop will survive. Best to do this then avoid possibly dropping some money on a new machine.


Ken MacMillan writes on his blog that a Hudson Valley AM station has changed their format. Curiously, 106.3 on the FM dial from Mount Kisco has changed their format to a simulcast of country as well (of 105.5 FM).

A side note (as such, we're into Off the Bench territory): My first radio home was 105.5 FM, WMJV-FM. It has changed hands and formats several times since then and has never seemed to find an answer. So not it is country, and has been for a few years. I have nothing against current country music, per se, and like acts like Lady Antebellum quite a bit. But I'm just more old school. Is Westchester County really hankering for some hee-haw? I guess time will tell.

Staying in the media, Channel 4 (WNBC) is apparently parting with Sue Simmons, who formed a long-time partnership with Chuck Scarborough. The New York Times has more. My $.02? Fail. Big time fail. Anchors around New York have otherwise become interchangeable. I'm not sure I could tell you that any of them impress me. But Chuck and Sue always felt like old friends. Both of them are 68, for whatever that is worth.

They're partnership (the longest in New York history) reminded me of the teams of my youth. Bill Beutel and Roger Grimsby on WABC immediately come to mind.

I can't let the topic of Sue Simmons go without this little dandy. We'll always love you, Sue!

In the Jeff Pearlman corner of Exit 55-land, we check in with our favorite Mahopac High grad-turned sportswriter as he does his "Quaz" with Sean Salisbury. It's a great read. I agree that Salisbury deserves another shot on network TV. There are too many examples of worse broadcasters for me to discuss.

So far, so good with the computer thing. Just thought I'd throw that in.

The CIAC (the Connecticut body of sports government) is working on creating a broadcasting outlet for sports. Sean Patrick Bowley has some details. chance they could use some talented voices. Sean Salisbury and I could call a few games.

Coach over at All Things Next has a few items of note. Allow him to explain why Chris Cornell is uncool. No, really. Coach also posts a video of the day. In this one, he introduces us to an artist named Meiko with her song "Stuck on You." Good song, cute video. Worth a look. In this video of the day, the Coachmeister (my nickname, not his) brings what is, almost without question, the It has been suggested that this video destroyed Billy Squiers' career. Who am I to argue?

Mr. Jon has some before and after Vintage Richmond for us. In this case, Rose and Lilah's dad shows pictures of Broad St at 1st. Great stuff as always.

Perfect segue, since Jon and I have debated this topic a few times...over at Stuck in the 80's, Steve Spears wonders if The Joshua Tree is really U2's best album. I say hell no! I'll take Boy, War, and The Unforgettable Fire right off the bat. Of course, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" is undeniably right near the top of the most overrated and overplayed songs ever (but of course, there's that little ditty of Jack and Diane to discuss). It's also the first and, so far, only song to get me to walk out of a concert to use the rest room. So there.

I still have to get Mr. Springsteen's latest, by the way. The Boss is rocking the Apollo as I write this. I have no tickets to see Bruce and E Street on his new tour. Yet. Sigh...

Lastly, over at Uni Watch, a very interesting question has been posed: what is each city's most sacred uniform number? In other words: what is the definitive number? I honestly can't come up with one for New York. I'm trying, but I'm finding it difficult.

And the computer is still working! There's hope!

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