Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The Mighty Mick sent this along a few weeks back and I'm overdue to post it. So here:

Mick also questioned her status as an "icon", which I personally felt was borderline at best. But at the same time, icon status is like opinions. You're entitled to your take. To some, she's an 80's icon. A music icon. I never associated her with the 80's, and while her voice was legendary, she had also become irrelevant. A has-been. Sorry if that sounds rough.

It might have been her husband who introduced her to the crack that was whack, but she was the one who indulged. She threw away so much that it was insane.

I had no problem with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lowering the flags to half staff. He did the same thing last year when the Big Man, Clarence Clemons, died last year. The difference was that the evil of the world (my friends in the media) make it a big story. And as such, the ugliness appeared, with people taking sides in the Whitney mania. It became overkill.

Nothing new there.

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