Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday, Sean

It was early in the morning of February 23, 2002, when we drove to Hudson Valley Hospital Center at Peekskill/Cortlandt (the same place that I was born in when it was still called Peekskill Community Hospital). Sean Robert Adams, my son, was born at 7:03 AM.

He's 10 years old today.

He's seen so much already, and yet has so much to see. Oh, I get it - that's cliche, but it's also true. Sean, it has been said, is me. Looks like me, acts like me, and so on. Nah, not entirely true.

He's a nice combination of his mother and I, and if that's the best thing that ever came out of our marriage, than so be it. It's a wonderful thing to have created.

I've written many things about Sean here. I'm not sure I need to recount everything. He's well-known in Greenwich, Mahopac, Hopewell Jct, and everywhere in-between. People love his smile, his sense of humor, his creativity, his silly one-liners and philosophies.

He's not going to be a baseball player (having quietly announced his "retirement" recently). I'm OK with that.

I obviously always want the best for him, and I hope he has that in one form or another. Most of all, I always want him to be happy.

Happy 10th birthday, Sean. I'm so proud to call you my son.

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