Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Macca Rocks the Grammys and Other Notes

In case you didn't see the Grammy's on Sunday night, here's Paul McCartney and a few friends doing the suite that ends Abbey Road.  Sir Paul uses this set to close his live shows.

Paul's new song for his third wife, "My Valentine" hasn't exactly getting rave reviews, with one person flatly telling me, "It sucked." So there.

I didn't think it was that bad.

I only caught a touch of the broadcast. Most of the reviews said Springsteen killed live. No shock there.

Let's see - a few things. I saw Taylor Swift. Sheesh, enough. Enough of the "oh my God, they love us" crap. That feigned surprise of hers.

Of course it was going to be "Whitneypalooza." I get it.

Nice to see the Beach Boys. I'm ready though for Adam Levine and Maroon 5 to disappear though. I didn't need to see Levine or Mark Foster from Foster the People on stage with the Beach Boys. Last I knew, they didn't need any help.

Loved Adele. Can't say that enough. Great song. Great album. Great performance. And she just seems real. Plus she looked classy.

Katy Perry certainly said a mighty "eff you" to Russell Brand in song, didn't she? Holy cow...stay classy. Can anyone walk away with dignity?

Coach from All Things Next has his own thoughts. He watched more than I did, but I think I would agree with his two cents.

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