Friday, February 03, 2012

Adam Lambert is Replacing Freddie?

This image makes me sick.

Sorry, that headline might annoy you. Nobody can replace Freddie Mercury - not now, not ever. And yet...when you're in a band called "Queen", and that same band once had perhaps the greatest front man of all in Freddie, and said Freddie has died (and been gone 20 years), and the band is adding a new lead singer...well...

Yep. You're replacing Freddie Mercury.

And it's Adam-freaking-Lambert.

I once spoke out about this, back in 2009. The outrage was apparent at that time. That outrage, at least on my Facebook page, continues.

I said it at the time - Queen should just let it be (Beatles, 1970). When Freddie died, John Deacon (forever known as "Deacon John" on their first album) played a few more gigs and walked away. Why Brian May and Roger Taylor refuse to do so is beyond me. Money? OK then - that's their business. I thought Paul Rodgers was offensive enough, but he at least had the chops of overplayed Bad Company music to fall back on. This guy - Lambert - is a hack.


I've got nothing more.  I need some of the real thing.  I thought this was a great song back in '85, and I'll still crank it today.

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