Friday, February 03, 2012

Best. Game. Ever.

On Sunday, Budweiser is going to show you a commercial featuring a hockey game that turns into something big time. Fans fill the stands, broadcasters call the game, and so on. It's basically a rec. league game that becomes major league.

I'm calling BS on it. I saw it this morning and wasn't that impressed. I thought it was over the top. Then Carrie forwarded something to me. NY1's awesome Pat Kiernan (who is only two days older than me...I did not know that) received a tweet that the spot is a complete and total ripoff of something Improv Everywehere did.

In 2008.

There's no acknowledgement of the Improv folks.


So watch Improv Everywhere's effort. I'm not posting the Budweiser garbage here.

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