Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pure, Totally Rad Awesomeness

Dear God I love the 80's.  The music, the looks, the sports (OK neither the Steelers or Yankees blessed us with a title during that decade, but nothing was perfect), the movies.

Times Square was still gross.  We had ALF.  Bueller!  We had this women who acted kind of like that Lady Gaga person, and her music wasn't terrible.

So in a world where Brooklyn holds their own Phil Collins Day parade (what???), it seems necessary to bring you this goodness...behold!

Now despite the "Back to the Future" reference, I'm not sure I saw anything dedicated to the decade's single greatest artist.  No, not that Thriller guy.  THESE GUYS...

Come on!  SOMEBODY could have dipped their head in some ice cubes!

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