Wednesday, February 09, 2011


They won...they deserved it.
OK, so I've been in hiding.  I admit it.  Yes, I'm talking about the game, and I've been avoiding the media since Aaron Rodgers took the final knee.  For my money, you simply can not turn the ball over three times and expect to win.  Down 14-0, I said it was over (and was called "a fatalist", perhaps deservedly so).  If Ben Roethlisberger leads the Stillers back - even with the two INT's - he wins MVP.  I thought Rashard Mendenhall might take the MVP, but his fumble killed that.

The Packers dropped passes.  The Steelers couldn't make a big play defensively (like snagging a turnover).  The Packers took advantage of Pittsburgh's mistakes.  It was so close.  It was so winnable.  It didn't happen.  The Packers won, and deserve congratulations.

I'm proud of the Steelers for making it a game.  I had visions of an old-fashioned 80's/90's kind of Super Bowl Suck Fest (final - 55-3!).

Prince should be proud.  He no longer holds the title of worst half time show in recent memory!  The Black Eyed Peas (whom I like) proved that they are a wonderful studio act - as is the case with most current artists who produce wonderful sounds but are just that - produced.  No harm, but what they proved conclusively is that mindless people want the effects and not the music.  WOW!  People making arrows in lighted suits!  OOOOOOH!


Oh, and I noticed Xtina (or whatever her name is) slightly botching the National Anthem.  I thought it was minor.

Almost all of the commercials were lame.

Joe and Troy were fine in the booth.  Overall I thought the game was so-so, but would have been legendary with a big finish.  We didn't get it.

As such, here we are.

I spent Sunday night and most of Monday in mourning.  I actually lost sleep over it, and I didn't play in the game.  Again, I found myself questioning why I put myself through it.

Carrie - who is simply amazing - brought me out of my fog late Sunday night (I literally stared at the TV as she was watching some show about how something is made) by getting me to talk about doing a road trip on Monday.  So we did - heading to PA to meet with my niece and her family for some lunch and a good walk.  I listened to music as much as possible in the car, and laughed with Carrie about anything other than football.

Ugh.  Five days to pitchers and catchers.  Still hockey to be played.  March Madness is coming.  The Masters.  Daytona.  We move on.

So that's that.

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