Monday, February 28, 2011

Have People Lost Their Minds, or Just Their Manners?

Another week, another collection of strange behavior in this world.  Last night, after a great day of exploring New York (following another frustrating Rangers game - three words: SHOOT THE PUCK!), Carrie and I crashed and watched the horrid Academy Awards.

It wouldn't be unusual for me to settle in for the long night right up until the show was over.  This year though, I simply wasn't feeling it.  So Carrie and I turned the TV off and called it a night.

Then...BLING!  (that's the best way to represent Carrie's phone buzzing).

Now understand that we both get text alerts about things like sports, breaking news, weather, transit service and so on, but this was none of the above.  This was garbage.  Completely inappropriate.

Let's be clear - her phone isn't the ONLY one to have it happen.  Some of my friends seem to think I'm also up 24/7.

Later in the same night, some jackal decided to ring a phone number.  In this case...mine.  At 2:14 AM.

I was not amused, and getting back to sleep wasn't easy.

I mean, seriously? Is it a full moon? Has it been a full moon for about two weeks or so now?  Folks are acting in the strangest of manners.

Have we become too accessible?  Well simply put - yes.  Those who don't have those new-fangled technology thingies will agree wholeheartedly with this statement.  No texting!  Some don't even have cell internet...or even a computer!

Still the question of courtesy is completely legit.  My dad (I've mentioned him around here a few times) had a simple rule:
No calls before nine in the morning and none after nine at night.
I feel pretty confident that others in my family still abide by it and, overall, so do I.  This is not to say there aren't exceptions (Carrie, emergencies, or if you absolutely 100% know I'm up and expecting to hear from you) but beyond  I mean, sure, if I'm on the air calling a game and you're giving me an update from another game or something like that?  Fine.

Otherwise?  Come works.  Facebook works.  Or...just wait until the right time.  I do it!

The point is, common sense will work just fine, thanks.  Drunk texting or calling?  Really?  How old are we?

Oh Lord, this could head off to a whole different topic...

The point is, simply because we have the technology (BIONIC MAN!!), doesn't mean we have to use it at all hours.

While on the subject of courtesy, please have a read of this from Annie Mole's Going Underground Blog.  I watch stuff like this all the time.  Carrie is amazing at giving up her seat.  Amazing awareness.  Me?  I don't sit in a full subway car when a seat opens.  I'm still fairly young at heart and, I'd like to believe, a gentleman.  I don't need to sit. 

Thank you for reading (don't want you to think my mom didn't teach me any manners).

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