Friday, February 04, 2011

More Joe Buck Bashing!

OK, folks, let's go through this quickly.  What got me here was another foolish list.  This time, of so-called 50 Greatest Play-by-Play Calls in Sports History! (The exclamation point is mine)

Hat tip to Phil Giubileo for the link.

This writer finds a reason or two to take more shots at Joe Buck.  Look, we all get it.  Joe is kind of smug.  He doesn't ring the bell of hyper-screaming that you frat boys want with the likes of GuJo and doesn't whittle out the one-liners like Kevin Harland.

He's simply put, the latter-day Pat Summeral.  Go find Pat's call of the kick to win Super Bowl XXXVI.  Not exactly life of the party stuff there.

I decided to compare Pat and Joe on arguably the two greatest catches in Super Bowl history.  Here's Pat on Lynn Swann's theatrics in Super Bowl X.

Largely understated, don't you think?  Want more?  Here's Swann's catch for a touchdown.

Tom Brookshier was the analyst.

Now to Joe.  David Tyree makes this wonderful catch in Super Bowl XLII.

Troy Aikman is the analyst, of course.  Nice work by him also.

Oh, and here's Joe on the winning touchdown.  I like it - understated, with crowd noise and the right hint of excitement.

So please - stop.  Now.

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