Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Linky Dinks

Posting links is often the easy way out.  I like making people aware of things that are on my radar.


I'm not interested.  Sorry.

Rob Sheffield at Rolling Stone agrees with me about the halftime show.

Michael Bean at Behind the Steel Curtain say, correctly, don't blame Big Ben for the loss on Sunday.

Stuck in the 80's combines two of my loves - baseball and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  They resolve a question: what game did Sloane, Cameron, and Ferris go to?

Staying in baseball, LoHud's Yankees Blog has their annual pinch hitter series going on, with regular Joe's (not Girardi) subbing for Chad Jennings and Sam Borden.  Ban Hoffman is from Germany, and I like how he came around to being a huge Yankees fan in a land where the logo is known but baseball isn't number one.

Ken McMillan brings good news - the Yankees' spring training broadcast schedule!  He also has the Mets one, but right now, I think that team might become my third "toxic topic" - things I won't write about here.  I mean - honestly - picking on the Mets might be as easy as any of the answers on "Celebrity Jeopardy."

Ken also gives his thoughts on each Super Bowl commercial.  I was underwhelmed by nearly all of them.

Pete Dougherty gives props to Fox for their Super coverage.

If you ever need to do a eulogy, read this.  It is remarkably well-written and (no doubt) well-delivered by my friend and basketball colleague, Christine Baker.  Through the sadness of her loss (I add my condolences), she drains one from downtown with stories meant to recall good times.

You might not have known who Gary Moore was.  He was a brilliant guitarist for Thin Lizzy, and on his own.  He died earlier this week.  Metallica's Kirk Hammett has a tribute to him in Rolling Stone.

One of my favorite road enthusiasts (and friend of "Exit 55"), Steve Williams says part of Georgia is really tracking down on speedersReally tracking down.  Getting medieval, if you will.

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