Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Now Pitching, Jason Intrieri! (With VIDEO)

Our second annual Breakfast and Baseball day included Bargains this time, as Jason Intrieri, Tim Parry, and your fancy blog writer sped off to the site of the first trip - Allentown for Waffle House, and Reading, where we took in the Reading Phillies and the Richmond Flying Squirrels.

Plus we hit the Reading Outlets, where we picked up plenty of T-shirts and such, like a mighty fine retro Montreal Expos shirt, and a Rutgers Ray Rice jersey that cost me a mere $4.87!

Tim had the fine idea to have Jason throw out the first pitch at the Reading/Richmond game (one of about TWENTY people who did so!). Of course, Tim and I had to have fun with it, so we present the video to you, in full TIM-O-VISION!

Of course, only one of us was supposed to go onto the field with Jason, but we didn't let that stop us. After all, we're media!

The second trip was just as outstanding - if not better - than the first one, and we look forward to year three.

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Tim Parry said...

Safe to say security is pretty lax in Reading, PA. If and when the terrorists strike again, I doubt they will take our Crazy Hot Dog Vendor.