Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Jeff Pearlman on Marriage

My former "townie", Jeff Pearlman's blog continues to be a must-read. For every post that has me scratching my head (Sarah Palin), he writes 10 more that are really good. The one on my radar is about marriage. What makes it good, and what makes it real. I suppose the same can be said for close relationships as well.

My first wedding day (OK, my only wedding day to this point) was one of the great days of my life, up there with a cold Saturday in February, 2002 (Sean, naturally). I have no doubt that my next wedding day (IF there's a next one) will also be great. Yet as I acutely know, this marriage stuff isn't easy. It seemed like Sandi and I could work through anything, no matter what, and that just wasn't the reality. We shocked, disappointed, and angered many with our split. Now we're working at becoming friends again (how we first started, in 1987) and not being solely the owners and operators of Sean, Inc. I hate seeing it treated like a business relationship.

I didn't come here to discuss Sandi; you know my take on that . Of course, if any publisher wants to pay me big bucks to tell all, Sandi and I could really use the money to get out of debt. I'd change the names, make some stuff up, and throw it out there!

Despite my recent rash of Rule 55's that were as obvious as anything I've ever written, I stay away from being too personal. Yet I do trip from time to time. I think this is why I like Jeff's blog. He also lets most of it out - warts and all. His recent post about male ogling was great. I can't say I haven't made my share of comments, but I do tend to be of the more gentlemanly sort.

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