Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Linky Dinks

With things settling into a temporary normal for me, I'm making a stronger effort to blog away again. So, we need some links!

Please read the inspirational thoughts of my friend and WGCH colleague Darby Cartun. I've had the chance to get to know Darby much better since assisting her with her show (5-6 PM weeknights on WGCH). An interesting person. Read on.

The Ernie Harwell tributes are pouring in (rightly so). Brian Anderson is the voice of the Brewers on TV, along with TBS, and wrote a nice piece.

Ken Fang adds his thoughts and links.

Christopher Byrne says the MLB Network will re-air the interview Bob Costas did with Ernie Harwell. Not for the faint of heart. You will tear up.

This DID make me tear up. The great Scully (linked here, until the stooges at MLB take it down)

When Scully says "OK" at the end, you know his emotions are tugging at him.

Joe Posnanski also pays tribute to Harwell.

Elsewhere, Tommy Dee at the Knicks Blog is hopeful for bringing his online radio show to the airwaves. Of course, that means sponsors. I'm hopeful for him. He's one of "us"; the good guys around these parts.

Great read by former Astro, Yankee, and Ray, Morgan Ensberg. He takes on a Hall-of-Fame writer who must have needed to crank out a column and went after an easy target: Alex Rodriguez. I was bothered by it, and Ensberg serves it justice.

Lastly, our friend Ross at NYY Stadium Insider reports that the Bombers had their lowest attendance since opening the new digs. Last night's crowd was only 41,571. Of course, that is the paid attendance. The naked eye could easily see less than that, and I believe sports needs to begin publishing the "paid" and "turnstile" numbers. Let's be honest.

More to come!

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