Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday Night's Alright for Blogging

The Son is with me tonight (and he's getting ready to go to sleep). We had a full day of baseball, our friend Olivia's ice skating recital, lunch, the Kentucky Derby (WOW!), playing in the park, ice cream, and are watching the Celtics and Bulls play game seven of their epic playoff series.

Why, oh why, with Marv Albert on their broadcast roster, is TNT going with Kevin Harlan for game seven? I'm sure there's a perfectly legit reason.

Holy bleep, I just heard Harlan refer to this game as "a dynamite game seven." The Celtics lead by the third...hardly dynamite to me.

I'm still having trouble dealing with seeing Vinny Del Negro as a coach. I'll get over it.

So I'm trying to figure this one out. Greenwich Roundup has hired a special correspondent. That's cool. What I can't quite get is why they then proceed to list the educational background of every major media outlet, before finishing with this:
Did You Ever Notice That The Greenwich Time, Greenwich Post, Greenwich Citizen Never Tells You The Backgrounds Of It's Reporters , Columnists And Editors?
Hmm...what's the point? I know GR didn't mention WGCH by name, but for the record, here's the answer: I attended Westchester Community College where I graduated with an Associate in Arts Degree in Communications and Media. After that I went to Western Connecticut State University where I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and Media Arts. I also proudly received a certificate from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Hope that clears everything up. Nothing grand in terms of name recognition, but they're my schools and I'm mighty proud of those pieces of paper.

It seems that several in the blogging community have had it in for the print folks in Greenwich. For the record, I know people from the Greenwich Post and Time and I get more than a little pissed off (yep, I wrote it) when various "scribes" and such not only rip those good people but OPENLY root for them to lose their jobs.

Not only do some need to show some class, but they need to get a life.

I've been holding that in for months. It happens.

Ross over at New Stadium Insider did me a big solid this week. Go ahead, look at those blogs...keep scrolling...and there it is, among the collection of those blogs "On The Google Reader" is "Exit 55." It made me smile.

As you all know, this is not a Yankee-specific blog. There are enough of those - some really good, some not-so-much, and some perhaps a touch too sabermetric for my taste. Then there are those that are written by uneducated fans. I'll leave that there.

Back to NSI, while you're there, read Russ's extremely fair take on a trip to the new Stadium.

While I'm handing out props for solids, another thanks to Sean Kilkelly for the mention. As a guest, he has made it into what Don Imus calls "heavy rotation."

Sorry, had to pause. There was a commercial for Popeye's fried chicken and biscuits. that made me hungry. Clearly blows KFC out of the coop.

The great Springsteen shows some love for Harry Kalas. Pretty cool.

I'll finish up with this - the A-Rod book hits Monday and there's already been too much said about it. My son told me again the other night that Rodriguez is still his favorite player; a stance that I admire him for. What are we learning from all of this? That Alex Rodriguez is a liar? That he's used tremendously bad judgment?

OK. And?

Can he still hit .330, smack 45 homers and drive in 140 runs (legitimately)? Then I think we know all we need to know.

But what of the pitch-tipping? It it's true, then it's bad. But as with steroids, are you going to tell me that this has never happened before? At this point, I've had it with 'roids. Let's just stop now. Clemens would have been a Hall of Famer without them; same for Bonds. Something tells me we will have to eventually accept that a lot of players used them, and we can't (or shouldn't) be judging like that. There are others that look fairly sketchy yet until there's proof, they will make the HOF.

So let it go, please.

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