Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Couple of Links

I wrote about Memorial Day earlier this week, and Greenwich Roundup was kind enough to name it as its Featured Blog Post.

Also, Sean Kilkelly breaks down the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Vets Day, in my mind, never gets the respect that it deserves. For one thing, many offices don't close in honor of the day, something the United States has become woeful at. No wonder those who still have jobs are overworked.

Charles Costello returned to "The Press Box" yesterday and posted a note about it on his very fine blog.

Can I buy Cameron Frye's House?

I went to Citi Field last night, and owe you a post about it. Frankly, I feel like garbage today, so I'll post something when I think I'm capable of writing something coherent. I wouldn't even host "The Press Box" today if I could get away with taking the day off.

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