Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Monday

Not too much to say on this Monday morning. Sean ("The Son") is staying home with some kind of illness. I'm still having computer problems - one seems to have a virus of some sort while my internet connection is lousy, thus impacting the other.

So we drop a few quickies on you today.

In case you missed it, I firmly believe that, after months of trying to decide, Mystique and Aura showed up at the new Yankee Stadium. Maybe they didn't have tickets. I mean, if Freddie "Sez" had to struggle to get a ticket, M&A might have been struggling to come up with the scratch for a few ducats. Yet I'm sure they were there Friday night, as the Bombers came back to beat the Twins, 5-4. The new Stadium finally made some great noise (I would know - I was there). Too much has been said about it but let me add that I finally sat in my new season ticket seats, and they would be fine, except for the people around me. When I sat back in my seat, the field disappeared thanks to the stereotypical NOO YAWKER in front of me. And don't get me started on the hulk sitting to my left.

By the bottom of the second, Kris and I left and moved to sit with Mick, Steve, Eddit, and J-man. We stayed there the rest of the night - SECTION FIVE REUNITE! I would have gone over to see Kelly and her dad but they were gone before I could get there.

I have tickets for this Friday's game against the defending world champion Phillies. Mr. Sean Adams is going to attend with me, and has pledged his allegiance to the Yankees.

Now to some linkage! I'm never one to suggest that people lose their jobs, but something has got to give in the inner workings of the New York Yankees. The rumor mill is hot that perhaps both Randy Levine and Lonn Trost may be shown the exit from Yankee Stadium (thanks, New Stadium Insider). Considering the behavior of the franchise as a whole, I want a pound of flesh (goes against my style, but this has been so egregious that I can't take it anymore).

I'm late with this one. Chuck Costello posted his appearance on "The Press Box." He'll be back on a lot. Between Chuck, Sean Kilkelly, Dan Arturi, Nick Fox, and others, we're building a great thing. Spread the word, peeps!

High school sports in Connecticut is slowly becoming Sean Patrick Bowley's world, and we're all just happy to live in it. Congratulations, SPB.

Incidentally, I'm proud to say that I will be the Master of Ceremonies for Greenwich High School Baseball's Senior Day this Thursday. I enjoy doing that.

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