Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I Said What Needed to be Said

First, let's offer warm thoughts to former Red Sox player and current announcer Jerry Remy, as he recovers from lung cancer surgery. Sox fans love him - best wishes "Remdawg!"

During today's show, I got some Yankee-ranting off my chest. This team - from top to bottom - is currently an embarrassment. They've lost track of who their real fans are (and are as loyal as any group of fans in sports). They cater to the rich and have a Gestapo-like way of treating fans and media. Of course, they have this HUGE (and arguably unnecessary) new palace of a Stadium, replacing the most hallowed place in all of sports. The security staff (while they have been polite and decent with me) is strong-arming folks at every turn. I mean, seriously, do you really need to check people's tickets in the bleachers? Sometimes, that's the the interpretation of bad rules made from above, but it can also be from people with a "God" complex. Add in the rather pathetic showing on the field - injuries or not - and the situation becomes even worse.

Of course, much has been made about fans not being able to watch batting practice down the lines. That's a crime - one of the great ways to spend time before a game was the pursuit of the elusive autograph and ball, plus it was a great way to get to see what the good seats were like.

And of course we have Randy Levine and Lonn Trost. Right.

I think Ross at New Stadium Insider has been - by far - the fairest in assessing the situation and he does a nice job of compiling the complaints. In this post, he wonders if it might be time for "we the fans" to stand up and go all "Howard Beale" on them...

Off-topic: Wow...this really applies to so much right now, doesn't it?

Back on topic.

Some of the complaints are silly. I even read someone complain about new PA announcer Paul Olden, calling him "bland." Oh, really? And Bob Sheppard was Mr. Excitement? And complaining about the ads? Come on - do you think they'd have the payroll without things like ads?

I've been a supporter of this team for as long as I can remember but, believe it or not, I don't live with navy pinstripe-colored glasses. I'm fair, and that's why I had to say what I said on the air today. The Yankees are always in the cross-hairs, and the vultures are constantly circling for meat. The team (and sometimes the fans) makes it too easy for them to laugh, and that laughter often goes worldwide.

The audio of today's show will be here for two weeks. The specific file is this one (try to right click and save) and most of the Yankees stuff begins around 16 minutes into the show.

Look, the way of the "old George" isn't the answer. The Boss could embarrass just as easily. There needs to be a balance and there's no question some heads should roll (let's be clear - I'm not looking to fire people - but some folks need to be accountable). The $1.5 billion palace is ours - like it or not. Now it needs to get fixed, along with the ways of this organization at literally ever single level.

The current situation is not working though, and it's making it too easy for the haters (read: critics). It's time to start acting like the Yankees again.



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