Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rioting...After the FIRST ROUND?!?

OK, I've heard of the riots after the Tigers won the '84 World Series. Chicago had its share of problems during the Bulls' run. Even Boston has had a few issues as well. It happens; it's not acceptable, but at least those moments occurred after their team's had won the whole shooting gallery. You know, the title, the Championship, the Super Bowl, the ring!

But not the first round!

Well that's what happened in Montreal last night, after Les Habs eliminated the Boston Bruins for - what? - the 35th time in the playoffs?
Some 10 businesses were damaged as well as 16 cars. Some police vehicles were set ablaze during the incident and police estimate damages to their cars at about $500,000.
Way to go, Montreal.

Again, let me stress, rioting, really for anything, is NOT COOL. Especially for a sporting event.

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