Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Few Quick Yankees Thoughts

Another April, another brutal performance by the Bombers. Middling around .500, they're giving me no reason to believe that they will make the playoffs for the 14th straight year (it would be 15 if we could count 1994...nice work by those greedy SOB's).

So Kyle Farnsworth throws behind Manny Ramirez's back the other night and I'm thinking, Uh oh...that's going to p*ss Manny off." On YES, Al Leiter and John Flaherty make it clear that there was a purpose behind the pitch, and that while it's dangerous, a pitcher needs to establish the inside of the plate. With Nuke Laloosh Farnsworth, one never knows where the ball is going. But Manny doesn't seem bothered and the whole thing seems to go away.

Not so fast. Bob Watson, Vice President of On-Field Operations for Major League Baseball (which is akin to being a schoolyard monitor) takes matters into his own hands and suspends Farnsworth for three games.

Now, was it a purpose pitch? Hell yeah! Did he throw behind him - yup, and that's probably where he meant to put it. But if the umpires didn't eject him, and Manny's not freaking out, then let it go!

Never did like Watson anyway. Didn't like him as a player, and though he presided over the '96 World Champion Yankees, I wasn't a big fan of him there either. So it doesn't hurt me an ounce to say that he's gutless, and clearly forgets that he was once a player...and a player during the time in which PITCHERS THREW AT HITTERS. Perhaps if this was Bob GIBSON dishing out the suspensions, I'd be more understanding.

Memo to clueless Bob - Let the players resolve the matter on the field. The umpires (you know, those arbiters who often have a little too much to say on the field as well) didn't eject anybody, so it shouldn't be up to you either. I'd like to see you step back into a batters box again.

At least Mr. Watson didn't create a new rule...mid-playoffs. Colin Campbell...COME ON DOWN!

Oh, back to the Bombers. The offense is putrid and the rookie pitching ain't exactly clicking. So yes, the "why the hell didn't they get Johan Santana" watch is officially on. I stand by the decision to not trade for him, even if the rooks struggle all year.

Away from the Yankees (but from Pete Abraham, Yankees beat writer for The Journal News), I'm sorry to say that the lights on E Street are dimmed due to the passing of longtime keyboardist Danny Federici. If you're a Springsteen fan (and most of us are purely nuts...not just fans), then your heart hurts just a little today.

I know, many are sick of the hype that surrounds Yankees-Red Sox. But have a lookie at this new proposed commercial from thing that Worldwide Leader does right is their spots. This is just plain funny.

By the way, I'm not Catholic, and I'm hardly religious, but I'm watching some of the coverage of the Pope at Yankee Stadium, and it's pretty cool. Shea has The Beatles (yes, I'm jealous) but the House has hosted the Pope three times - 1965, 1977, and 2008. I'd have to be inhuman to not appreciate this fact. Just one more reason why I love the great building.

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