Sunday, April 06, 2008

Consider Yourself Rickrolled

Since I haven't checked in recently, I figured I had to give you something. So here - you've been rickrolled. Now, I didn't exactly do it correctly (I'm supposed to link something else here that spams you to go to the YouTbue video), but hey! How often can you put Rick Astley on your blog without VIMMing (that's Vomit In My Mouth)?

Yet since I can't find a version of the video that I can embed, play along with me here and go to this proof of unconfirmed gaming news or trailers (well that's what Rickrolling is supposed to be).

Don't thank me now.

I'll be back in better blogging shape soon. Just too much going on these days - you know, real life stuff like work and so on.

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