Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get Your "Local Sports Feed!"

Tim Parry has been hinting at a major announcement for some time now, and it appears that he has achieved that goal. For those who love sports in Fairfield County, please welcome (and set your browsers to)...


Local Sports Feed will serve as a catch-all for Fairfield County Sports, but knowing Tim, it won't be only FCIAC-driven. Expect to see mentions of the SWC and even prep schools (he assured me that Brunswick can have their fair share of attention).

Will I play a role? Tim has already set me up with a user name and password, so now I just have to start writing some things there. I'll probably add some of my exploits with the Greenwich Cardinals baseball team (who have welcomed me with open arms), for instance. As I've done in the past, I'll probably cross-post things between here and there.

What does this mean for Tim's beloved FCIAC Football Blog? Well, to quote Tim (hope you don't mind me quoting ya'):
With a little luck and time, the FCIAC Football Blog as you know it will not die. But LocalSportsFeed gives me a chance to fulfill my dream, which is to provide some alternative high school sports coverage to Fairfield County. Football will be a main focus, but I also want to give credit to some of the underserved sports and teams within the market.

Tim is a very driven, hard-working guy who has quickly become a very close friend of mine. I'll do whatever I can to help him. What this proves to me again is how much I admire his wife, Ursula, who seems to support him implicitly in all of these efforts.

Now one of theses days, I'll get my own play-by-play website up and running!

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