Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Off The Bench (The "Jesus, I Haven't Posted in Over a Week" Edition)

OK, I've been out of touch. That's what happens sometimes. I think I'd be more diligent if your beloved "Exit 55" was sponsored. Then I'd really feel a responsibility.

Then again, this could be a dormant blog...hint hint to those who are guilty.

Initially I was going to go "rip city" on the Yankees for the whole buried jersey curse thing. It seemed pretty lame of the Bombers to dig it up, and Randy Levine was going to be the subject of my wrath for saying his usual asinine things. I mean, really, who promoted this clown to Yankees god?

In fact, I found the curse thing humorous. Then I heard the ass clown who buried the jersey speak and my mind was quickly changed. Not only am I glad they dug the damn thing up, but I hope they do prosecute him or make him overall miserable. Besides, as I read somewhere, what if the Yankees didn't dig it up? Then we'd spend the next "X" number of years listening to the talking heads (me, inclcuded) talk about the curse of the stupid jersey.

So we can stop all of that talk about Tiger winning a Grand Slam now, right?

Kudos to those who put on the Carmel Sports Association opening day ceremonies on Sunday. It's not easy to organize such a thing - especially when it turns out that the site was double-booked - but the kids seemed to have a blast.

That's what matters. I also had a blast. That doesn't matter, quite honestly.

I hate office drama and soap operas.

In case you were wondering.

I was going to write a lengthy tribute to Pat Summit last week, but got detoured, so I'll some it up this way: that woman can coach. Sorry, Uconn fans, but I like and respect her a lot.

I don't agree with her canceling the annual meeting with the Huskies, but that's for another time. She's won eight titles. She's good.

A guy goes to Shea Stadium with his two young daughters and other family members. He has watched the Mets win, and is on his way down an escalator that isn't moving when he loses his balance and falls to his death.

There is no joke here. There are only condolences.

You just never know in life, do you?

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