Monday, December 31, 2007

Adios, 2007

I've long thought of New Year's Eve as Amateur Night. An unnecessary night, made for sheer stupidity. Yet tonight, I found myself wanting to turn a new leaf. Embrace it, I figured. Maybe go out, or have people over. Watch the ball, and all that jazz.

We used to put on the best "anti-New Year's party." We'd watch movies, listen to music, talk, laugh, drink, and not even know when it was midnight. It was a blast.

Instead, it's 9:08 PM as I type. It is two hours and fifty-two minutes to 2008. And I now sit in a quiet house, watching the Chick-Fil-A Bowl on TV.


I had a couple of party invites but didn't quite feel up to them. I'm still under the weather, plus each would have kept me in the southern part of Connecticut, and I wasn't keen on the drive home. So I hoped to watch a few movies, have a few frosties, and welcome 2008. Well all of that can happen, but I'll be doing it alone. No midnight kisses for me. Sandi and Sean both went straight to bed at 9:00.

I've reflected quite a bit recently on what 2007 was. Oh I could wallow in the misery of how bad it was, but what good would that do? Really, was it that bad? It started with the promise of a new job, but that collapse a mere five weeks in. On came the depression of another layoff, but with that came the good times and new contacts made in New Rochelle. That ultimately ended abruptly, as temp jobs can. The memories are solid.

Then came the abyss. For a stretch in the late spring and early summer, I couldn't find work. The problem was that I wasn't looking in the right places. When I made my way to Target, I was scared and had bottomed out. I tried to pull myself out of it in the Spring, but allowed myself to get hung up on BS. The red bullseye allowed me to rebuild my spirit, and begin to find my confidence again. I may never work there again, but I owe them a lot. Finally I returned to WGCH and our networks (Business and Lifestyle). Once again, I'm working steadily and fairly contently. I may pick up some more work there to help supplement my income (or lack thereof). I couldn't predict my next career move if you begged me, but I do have some ideas...

2007 showed me who my friends are, and who cares about me. The names are too many, and I will no doubt forget some, but without my family, I would be lost. My sister, brother and mother have been extremely supportive. I have wonderful in-laws who have shown me that they consider me to be an important part of their family. Under sad circumstances, I got see my new niece, but also reconnect with my brother-in-law and his wife. It's so tough to have a strong relationship when they're 3000 miles away, but we're trying. Facebook has actually been helpful in this regard, but also the efforts of Gretchen (The Brother-in-Law's wife) to email pictures of Eleanor, and the touching note she attached to my Christmas present about my weight loss. And few people make me laugh like my sister-in-law.

Friends? Got 'em. Harold, Sean, Jon, Nick, Brian, Fish, Mick, Matt, Ricky, the Ron's, Picc, Scottie, Tim, Jason - these are just the friends that I'm thinking of off the top of me noggin' and I'm happy to say that there are too many friends to mention. While I'm talking about friends, I have to mention the ladies that share an office with me. Lindsey and I have grown into a mean brother/sister combo that blasts insults and sound effects at each other, all while lending an ear whenever needed. Her heart is heavy with the loss of a friend this week due to a heart attack at a young age. A young father, no less. Life is tough to figure out.

Cindy - I can't thank you enough for not only your party invite, but for your thoughtfulness of buying me lunch when you knew that I had a dollar in my pocket, and my bank account was locked. I was humbled by your kindness. The same must be said for Joy, who laughs at my silliness, but also lends a level of calmness to our office. I am awed by each of these ladies in how they handle the many levels of adversity that visits our office, and am always trying to learn from them.

Michelle - I haven't forgotten about you. Thanks for being thoughtful and entertaining.

So is it really worth getting hung up on what went wrong in 2007? Nope. The past is prologue, and I would rather put it in the memory bank and move on to 2008. Let what happened serve as lessons.

I'm excited for 2008, but I'm also nervous. That's what the future is - scary. It can be change, and new adventures. So for me, I'm going to just focus on now. I must not ignore whatever is coming (bad or good, for that matter), but I can't dwell on it.

For each of you, I wish you good health, peace, and success in 2008. But most of all, I wish you happiness. I think we all deserve it.

And may our troops be safe.

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