Thursday, December 06, 2007

An Honest Imus Critique

John Mainelli has been around New York radio for a long time now, and can be a fairly smart, outspoken ciritc. He has provided perhaps the best review of the early stages of the new "Imus in the Morning." The story is here.

I'll rebuke a couple of things - I don't think either Karith Foster or Tony Powell is bringing anything to the table. I also don't object to the country music and the live acts (big deal - they had Levon Helm and his band for ONE morning). And the constant drill of Deirdre, greening, the Ranch and so on was part of the "IITM" charm. The one key thing missing to me is Fred, Don's nitwit of a brother who hosts a radio show on Sirius Satellite.

The rest of what Mainelli says is spot-on. Bernie is needed back in the fold - and (sorry, Catholics) especially as "Cardinal Egan", the most consistently side-splitting laughs had on the show.

The show still needs to find itself, but it's getting there.

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