Saturday, December 15, 2007

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

I have no idea who I am voting for in 2008. While I'll admit to being a registered Republican, I'm "Giuliani-ish" in the regard that I can lean quite liberally as well. Or as my friend Sean Kilkelly writes in the "About Me" portion of his blog:
Registered Republican, Independent Thinker.
Well said.

So this morning I was trolling around on Facebook (yep, I caved and joined it) I did a search on "Huey Lewis" and came across some groups related to the band. One was called "Huey Lewis is a Golden God" and that name was enough to get me to look and laugh. There, among the pictures, was the bumper sticker to end all bumper stickers - "Lewis/News '08." Perfect World! Let the campaign begin.

(By the way, if you didn't know, the title of this post comes from "Hip to Be Square", the band's misunderstood, much-maligned 1986 mega-hit that has often come to represent the group - and rather unfairly).

Credit to Patrick Chizeck for creating the bumper sticker, and for allowing me to know who will get my vote in the '08 election. Do I really want Mrs. Clinton (or "Satan", as Imus still calls her) running this country? Hardly. Anyone on the GOP side? Maybe, but I'm not convinced yet. Barack? I need to learn more. So until somebody gives me a reason to vote otherwise, I'm going to sock it on future-President Hugh Anthony Cregg III and his cabinet. I think drummer Bill Gibson would make a fine Vice President, or secretary of something; I'd have to give it some more thought.

Now I have to get to work on campaign songs and themes. With a title like "Some of My lies Are True (Sooner or Later)" in their catalog, I could see opponents seizing on that as an issue of credibility. We'll need to push for strong family and moral values, like "The Power of Love." And we've already got some buttons made up...

The cover of the 2001 CD, Plan B, which come to think of it, might be the campaign slogan. OK - there's work to be done!

Oh, while searching on Facebook, I came across the perfect mix of music, broadcasting, and movies - "Anchorman is the best thing to happen to broadcasting since Huey Lewis." Now really, does it get any better than that?

So the moral here today folks is A) Join Facebook, because it's pretty cool (even for us "old" guys), and B) Vote for Huey in '08! Because after all, he's still Workin' For a Living.


The Idea Of Progress said...

I see you've been to my Facebook Group--I've also written a blog posting about 2008 being the year of Huey Lewis and the News.

Remember: Teh Huey is Wow!

Burty65 said...

Geez your Americans! You debate about Republican v Democrat, and what difference is there?

You cant become the president of the USA without being wealthy. So anyone supposedly suporting the interests of the homeless, minimum wages, working kidding themselves.

Both parties are overtly capitalistic, and you could hardly call the democrats socialist!

No I'll stick with the worlds best democratic system, the Australian way. At least here everyone has to vote, and in theory, anyone could become Prime Minister.

as for HLN, great band.....great band.