Friday, November 02, 2007

Well Bring 'Em On!

Greenwich systematically destroyed Stamford, 49-14 at Boyle Stadium tonight. Jonathan Myers scored five times, and the Cardinals rolled.

So now comes Naples.

I'm sitting at my desk...back at work. So I'm going to focus on that, since it's 9:00, I have a few things to do, and I have an hour drive home.

See ya.

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Miamicoach said...

Wow....well all I know is that I played HS ball up in CT and now coach at a HS in Miami and am rootin for dad was a former CT HS coach for many yrs and I want to see a big win for CT..I will be there as we play thurs eve...I remember Dad telling the stories on how New Britain in their heydey...I guess late 50's early 60's would go down and play a Miami top team and usually split and 1 yr The Miami team crowned themselves mythological national champs after losing to New Britan!