Thursday, November 22, 2007

Beginning Year Number 40

For the first time in a few years, I was actually semi-interested in having a birthday. I didn't want to ignore it; I wanted to kind of celebrate it. Not in a cheesy way, but in a go out and celebrate type of way by maybe going to Molly Darcy's, hearing a band, and letting loose a bit. It doesn't look like it's going to happen, but my outlook on things is just a bit different than it had been.

Yes, I'm 39 today. I feel (and at times look) a bit younger. A year from today, I'll be 40. It doesn't bother me.

By the way, John F. Kennedy died 44 years ago today. I always feel tied to that event, and have collected a lot of audio from that unbelievable stretch of time.

The broadcast today went quite well at Staples, despite the politics that we were caught up in (I still don't understand what's going on), and the usual technical problems - the result of broadcasting via cell phones. If I get it my way, I'll switch to a laptop and a wireless card. It seems to be the best way to go, and the quality of the audio is just fine.

Not my call though.

People actually whispered to me that there were those who said that we were not to be allowed to do the game in the booth at Staples, and that's a bit disconcerting. No, that's BIG TIME disconcerting. I hope there's nothing to what I was hearing, but more than one person came to me and apologized for the way we were treated. Apparently it was nothing personal against any of the guys there today - including me, Sean and Nick.

I have no bad feelings towards Staples, and the weather was nice so it didn't bother me to be outside on a gorgeous day.

Bad weather? Different story.

Thanks to the Greenwich fans that allowed us to tailgate with them. They had a great spread of food, including egg and cheese sandwiches with hot sausage. Wow!

Also thanks to the many people who passed birthday wishes along, especially the Greenwich cheerleaders, who serenaded me with "Happy Birthday" live on the air. I'm touched by your thoughtfulness.

Despite the shite that life hands me, I often feel thankful and blessed. Spending today with many portions of my family and friends added to the blessings.

Time for the final edition of the FCIAC Big Three/Fab Five, or whatever.

1) Greenwich (9-1, Last Week - 1) - Dominant today. Blasted Staples in a way that I've never seen them get blasted. I'm still shocked. Next up is Central in the Class LL Semis.
2) Central (8-1, 3) - They're back at number two and the matchup that many wanted to see in the FCIAC Championship will now happen in the state tournament. The Cardinals beat the Hilltoppers 21-12 in September at Kennedy Stadium.
3) Staples (8-1, 2) - I still don't know what happened today. They had some injury issues coming into the game but I just didn't expect a shutout. They dropped to number four in Class L and will play Bunnell on the road.
4) New Canaan (8-1, 4) - Survived against Darien today...barely. They play at home against Middletown in the MM Semis.
5) Hmmm...Wilton was here last week. St. Joe's beat a decent Trumbull game. I really like the way Norwalk played, even though they're 6-4. Does it really matter who's number five? Well I guess I have to put somebody here, and my vote will go to the Warriors (7-3), even though I want to wimp out and do co-number five's with the Hogs (7-3).

Happy Thanksgiving, all!


DiHrdWrckr said...

Rob, Congratulations on 40! Welcome to the club (although I'm 46). Time flies from here on so enjoy everything life has to offer. I'm sorry for any problems broadcasting today. I assure you there was nothing intentional on our behalf. It's not our style! Impressive win for the Cards today, I wish it was a better game for the kids and the fans. We'll look forward to next year! Good job in Naples and good luck in the States! .....Dan Gelman

Rob Adams said...


No apology necessary. Like I said, there were a few whispers about some politics, but I know it was nothing intentional or personal towards Sean, Nick, and me.

I enjoy a really good relationship with Coach P, and cordial relationships with everybody at Staples. I know there's a heated rivalry between Greenwich and the Wreckers, but everybody seems to recognize that we're just broadcasters, and that's it. When I appeared Jason Intrieri's old TV show, "Coach's Corner", I was treated extremely well by everybody at Staples.

I hope the Wreckers find much success in the states, and many thanks for the kind words.

One year to go until I'm officially in the 40 year-old club, but the countdown is on!


Mick said...

Happy Birthday Rob! 39, wow, that's a good thing - you can still say you're "thirtysomething." Don't worry I'm not far behind hitting the old 36 this coming Wed. Go out and drink a few beers this week, god knows I will....