Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Big Three

There is no logical explanation for my picks...

1) Greenwich (8-1, Last Week 1) - Yes, they lost. At times it wasn't pretty. Still, when you lose to the fourth best team in Florida, and every naysayer seems to do a turnaround, that's called respect. Naples was the real deal, and the Cardinals are still the real deal.
2) Staples (8-0, 2) - Beat Greenwich on Thanksgiving, and they'll be number one. That's that.
3) Central (7-1, 4) - I dropped them because of strength of schedule and I though maybe New Canaan was a touch better. They're back because I thought they were no worse than third.
4) New Canaan (7-2, 3) - No crime in losing to Staples in one of the better games in some time. Only wish I could have called it.
5) Wilton (6-3, 5) - Yes, they're coming off a loss, but how can I rightly put Ridgefield, St. Joe's, or Trumbull here? I like Ridgefield but they're woefully inconsistent (a loss to Norwalk, a win against Wilton, and so on). This was probably my toughest vote.

Don't forget that I'm on "The 50" tonight with Matt Levine and Tim Parry, live from Route 22 in Stamford at 7:00. I actually have a fan club that's coming along (and it's happy hour).

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Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Rob, I flipped the top two teams with everyone else the same as you. The Cards really came up short in my estimation; I know there are some Kool-Aid drinkers out there who want to pump up the Cardinals acting classy on the handshake line. OK wonderful. But to me Greenwich didn’t show much on the field.