Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Off The Bench

It sounds like it was random, but just another sad story from sports as Redskins safety Sean Taylor died this morning from a gunshot wound he suffered yesterday as the result of a robbery. Taylor was just 24 - leaving behind a fiancee and an 18 month-old child. Other than the violence of the crime itself, there seems to be nothing more malicious than that.


Oh, not that it matters, but thanks to ESPN for reporting the story...FORTY-FIVE minutes after FOX and the AP broke it! The Worldwide Leader clearly fumbled on this one as even little ol' WGCH, and their tag-team of Tony Savino and yours truly reported Taylor's passing before the Bristol folks did.

This is the baseball Hall of Fame ballot for 2008. You can vote for nobody, or as many as ten:

Brady Anderson
Harold Baines
Rod Beck
Bert Blyleven
Dave Concepcion
Andre Dawson
Shawon Dunston
Chuck Finley
Travis Fryman
Rich “Goose” Gossage
Tommy John
David Justice
Chuck Knoblauch
Don Mattingly
Mark McGwire
Jack Morris
Dale Murphy
Robb Nen
Dave Parker
Tim Raines
Jim Rice
Jose Rijo
Lee Smith
Todd Stottlemyre
Alan Trammell

I don't have a vote, though I frankly think I deserve one as much as many of the clowns who have one (think I've said that before). Anyway, if I DID have a vote, my checkmarks would go to Goose Gossage, Jack Morris, and Jim Rice. I wish I could be swayed on either Rock Raines or Dave Parker, but neither reached their potential, in my opinion.

Thanks to the Steelers and Dolphins for one of the shortest football games I have ever watched. Also one of the worst. Yikes, that was awful - 3-0 'Burghers. The weather was just brutal.

Did the Steelers really not have somebody (reportedly, Vince Neil of Motley Crue) sing the National Anthem because it would have taken too long to get the microphone to midfield? The game had been delayed for a half hour due to lightning - what would two or three more minutes have bothered anyone? Come on - the Steelers are smarter than that. Does anyone need to remind them that a piece of the 9/11 story happened not too far from the 'Burgh - in Shanksville?


Tim Parry and BlueStreak Sports Training have done a nice job with their player of the week award - just another sign of how far we in the FCIAC/CT football community have come since I started doing games. For his efforts on Thanksgiving, Danbury quarterback Mike Escobar was named the player of the week. I'm cool with that, especially considering the game Escobar had (11 of 14 for 231 and a TD, along with a 40-yard TD run, two field goals, and an interception). Now look at the other candidates:

- Kevin Joy, Darien: 200 yards rushing, 49 yards receiving, and two touchdowns vs. New Canaan
- Charlie Westfal, New Canaan: 298 yards passing and three touchdowns vs. Darien
- Chris Kozlowski, Wilton: 259 yards rushing and four touchdowns vs. Trinity Catholic
- Joe Richardson, Central: 225 yards rushing, plus a stellar defensive performance vs. Harding
- Chike Madu, Fairfield Warde: 18 carries, 238 yards, three touchdowns vs. Ludlowe

Again, this is all cool. Some great stats and players there. But hmmm...something's missing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the marquee game a little get together in Westport? Didn't same game count as the FCIAC Championship? Didn't Jonathan Myers win the MVP of said game?

Just sayin'. Does that make Myers any better than Escobar? Not necessarily. What it means is that Myers wasn't nominated for the honor - which he's won at least once this season already. Following Greenwich's win over Staples, it's probably safe to say that the GHS coaching staff went to work on Bridgeport Central. Tim tells me that GHS coach Rich Albonizio has been perfect in nominating a player every week. The nomination had to come from the coach. It isn't open to media, parents, players and so on, and for good reason.

Oh well. Just another one of those things worth talking about, and not really a big deal to the players, who care about wins and losses.

Oh, while I'm ranting about such things, exactly WHO voted for the FCIAC MVP? I can tell you three people who didn't vote - Adams, Kilkelly, and Angotto. For my money, ALL media types (among them Jesse Quinlan, Paul Silverfarb, Zack Greenspon, the WWPT guys, MSG, and yes, WGCH) should have had a say.

Again, just sayin'. The turkey still tasted pretty damn good otherwise (thanks to my in-law's, who always put on a classy affair - even if it's a backyard barbecue. I've always tried to learn how to host a party from them, along with my wife and sister-in-law).

Incidentally, Sean and Nick both would have voted for Myers. I, thinking that Myers would win, was tempted to go with Tucker Stafford, who's health and mobility seemed to ignite the Cardinal's offense.

And I almost forgot about this - what's going on in Stamford? Why is coach Kevin Jones on the griddle at Boyle Stadium? Tim (who else?) covers all of the bases here. From afar, it doesn't seem right. Coach Jones seems to have done everything right with his players (remember them? The STUDENTS?!). The won-loss record isn't glowing but the program is building. Isn't that what matters?

I'm watching that story with a lot of interest.

The Evil Empire might be at it again. Johan Santana could become a Yankee, but at what price? It frightens me, people.

Besides, how have the other recent big ticket trades worked out? Randy Johnson? A-Rod? Exactly how many World Series did the Bombers get to in the years since those trades?

Correct - Zero.

Giants' GM Jerry Reese said the following to Newsday's Bob Glauber:
"The quarterback has gotten skittish, for whatever reason."
This might not be the best thing to say about your franchise quarterback. I mean, call me crazy.

Personally I like Eli Manning. Maybe we're discovering though that he's the classic "not fit for New York" athlete. That would be a shame, but several talk shows have pointed out that he is having as much success as his contemporaries, and might become the first Giant QB to lead the team to his playoffs three straight seasons in 20 years. There's just one problem:

He's not his brother. The one with the ring.

Greenwich-Central tonight at Cardinal Stadium (on WGCH, of course). The winner plays Saturday against either Southington or Shelton in the Class LL Championship. Of course the time and site are treated like a state secret.

Six days until Imus...

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