Thursday, November 08, 2007

Safe and Sound in Naples

OK, so my laptop doesn't seem to be cooperating with the various networks, so I'm at the mercy of the Courtyard by Marriott house PC. We've made it to Naples - thanks to Jet Blue, and are driving a PT Cruiser (pretty cool). The people of Naples have just been fantastic to us, and athletic director Ernie Modugno did an excellent job of opening Staver Field up to us. We're hooked up and ready to call the game tomorrow night.

The highlight was interviewing Naples coach Bill Kramer, who is still steamed about "Spygate." If I can fix the interview before air time tomorrow (thanks to such great world class equipment), you will hear it for yourself. He thinks he got the short end of a cagey coach in one Mr. Richard Albonizio.

I will try to fix the interview when I'm not so tired. Instead, I will now go hit the pool!

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