Friday, April 27, 2007

Update: CSI: Boston Draws Conclusion

All is well in The Hub (Boston), following an intensive investigation by the folks at CSI: Boston who have concluded that it was indeed bood on Curt Schilling's sock in the 2004 ALCS.

Gordon Edes follow-up story is here.

In Washington, the President said that he was relieved to receive the news so that we could all go back to focusing on winning the war in Iraq. Hillary Clinton called it a "vast right-wing conspiracy." Barak Obama blamed it on Don Imus.

And I slept much better.

Seriously it seems like somebody's brain went into the drive position and cooler heads prevailed. Gary Thorne didn't get his arse kicked, and Doug Mirabelli and the Sox (no pun intended) were all content to make it out to be a misunderstanding. Whatever it was, I'm glad it's over.

Now it's back to how pathetically sad the Yankees are. That's the reality of it, folks. With Phil Hughes on the mound last night, the Yanks were listless. Derek Jeter sat the game out, the result of a Scott Kazmir fastball (and you Mets fans thought nothing good would come of that trade). Now on come the Red Sox (again, weather permitting) with Andy Pettitte ready to face Dice-K, and The Wife and I having to decide if we want to ride out possible rain delays and wet seats, or do something else with our evening.

I do know this - the Yankees will call the game by about 4:00, or won't call it at all. They want to try to get 56,000 crammed into the big ball yard and at least get as much out of our pockets in terms of concession dollars before sending us home with a rain out, or making through the game (with possible rain delays). Don't know if I'm in the mood, quite frankly, to ride out the rain delays. Thus I'll brainstorm during the day to see if there's a Plan B (I know Mick will doing so as well).

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