Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And Now For Something COMPLETELY Different!

Yes, ala Monty Python, I bring you a British Biscuit to chew on. Occasionally I get the urge to hear some UK Radio, and opted to listen to Capital Radio (95.8 FM) streaming from the heart of Leicester Square in London. Some of what I heard was typical for this type of station (The Fray and the like - much like a Z-100 here in New York - basically a Top 40 station). What's different, of course, is the type of songs that don't ever make so much as a ripple here in the States but are huge everywhere else (ever heard of Cliff Richard? That's what I thought).

I couldn't help but notice this one song for two reasons - 1) because it had a cool beat to it and 2) it seemed to mention Stella, as in Stella Artois, the Belgian beer that has become ubiquitous in my house, and is The Wife's favorite. She had recently mentioned a song to me that mentioned the very same Stella, and for a moment, I thought this was the song. It turns out that she was talking about Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good", which includes the line "Hand me my Stella and fly." So I Googled the one line that I remembered from the song and it turns out it's from a singer/songwriter named Jamie T, and the song is called "Sheila."

Now maybe I'm just not hip to this song, because it's about a year old but if you haven't heard it, and if you enjoy this kind of pop fusion (for lack of a better term), then give it a shot. I posted the video - which is the second version. The first one features Jamie T singing, while drunken monkeys party away. In this version, actor Bob Hoskins takes on Jamie T's role. I'll warn you that I didn't see the ending coming, so be prepared.

Besides, I'd rather talk about cheeky pop songs than about the Yankees.

With that said - Cheers!

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