Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cardinals Travel and Bloody Sox?

Two stories of interest today - one that I'm a few days behind and another that popped up yesterday.

We start with the Greenwich Cardinals (whose football games I think I'll be calling again). According to Tim Parry (who got it from Sean Patraick Bowley in the Connecticut Post), the Cards have an open date in their 2007 schedule, and might hit the road against a "national" power. Further, that game might be broadcast on ESPN.

Read Tim's post here, then read Sean here.

My take on it is that it would be great...and I sincerely hope that we will broadcast the game on WGCH. That is probably all that I can rightly say about it. From a personal perspective, just let me know the date and the details and I will make sure that I am available. It would be especially nice if it could be dovetailed into a little get away for the family.


Now onto issue number two. The Boston Globe is reporting this morning that, according to Gary Thorne on MASN (the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network) Curt Schilling's infamous "bloody sock" from Game Six of the 2004 American League Championship Series was a fake. Gordon Edes writes in today's Globe:

"Thorne said on the air, while the Orioles were batting in the fifth, that he'd been told by Sox catcher Doug Mirabelli that was not blood, but paint, on the sock Schilling wore during Game 6 of the 2004 American League Championship Series against the Yankees. It was done for the public relations effect, Thorne said."

No doubt Red Sox Nation is up in arms as well. The story is here

Now why does this matter? To me it doesn't. Schilling and the Sox won that night, and the following night as well, completing the greatest meltdown and comeback in post-season history. Yes Schilling's credibility is at stake, but is it really? We know he's a great pitcher, but we also know that he's a PR machine, and loves attention. He doens't love when attention is taken away from him (see Randy Johnson and Dice K). So really, who cares? Can't we add this to the wonderful legends of sports, like Babe Ruth's "called shot" in 1932? Now as for Thorne, he's the one who might have a little problem with credibility today. Not only did he shoot down the legned of the sock, but he named names! So he's got Doug Mirabelli, Curt Schilling, and manager Terry Francona all furious at him.

Great theatre, great legend, and it's not about the Yankees (at least not directly). I see that as a win-win.

As for the Yankees, the Bombers were rained out last night and that's OK with me. That means they couldn't lose. Tonight, young phenom Phil Hughes makes his debut against the Blue Jays at the Stadium (weather permitting). Some have compared him to the great Roger Clemens, but hold on please. Let this kid create his own legend, if it is possible. Andy Pettitte goes up against Dice K tomorrow as the Yanks and Sox renew the rivalry in the Bronx. The Wife and I will be there, weather permitting.

A few more quickies: first, happy news, as I wish a very happy birthday to my mom who turned a large round number on April 24th. She's not shy about her age, but I'm not going to post the number here, except to say that it's between 65 and 75. Now sad news, as we lost a family friend after a truly strong battle against cancer. Dave passed away yesterday morning and our thoughts are with his family. Lastly, as we round off our trip of life, congratulations to my friend Lisa, who gave birth to little Evan last thursday. Mother and son are doing great, and father, sister and brother are all elated.

Best wishes to all.

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