Thursday, April 12, 2007

And So It Ends: CBS Fires Imus

The headline says it all. I have nothing to add, except to add my congratulations to Al and Jesse, who I know will now apologize for Tawana Brawley and "Hymietown", and do everything in their power to clean up music and other entertainment that exploits PEOPLE, not just minorities. And since Ms. Winfrey has gotten involved, I'm sure she will be building a school here in the US, right?

I'm sure NBC and CBS, part of conglomerates that put out said music and entertainment, will also clean up their acts.

A lot of skeletons to be dealt with here in the United States of Hypocrisy. God bless us all.

PS - Imus's radiothon, which will be hosted by Charles McCord and Deirdre Imus tomorrow, is on pace for a record. Hmmm...

Watch for the pendulum to swing, folks, and for the cowboy hat to rise again.


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

I wonder who will take Imus' spot? WFAN is now in dire need of some new blood. Get your tape together! I hear there is another guy in Westport clamoring to get back on in the morning...

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

I just had a V8 moment! Maybe it's time that Richard Bey and Steve Malzberg come back to the radio!

Rob Adams said...

That guy would never take the job. He's a real broadcaster.

Mike and the Mad Dog will be doing doublt-duty for two weeks, filling in for Imus from 6-10 then doing their show from 2-6. I would just put Barnicle on for a while. He was going to fill in during the two week suspension anyway. Let him run things until he's replaced by...Don Imus! Crazier things have happened.

By the way, I think Imus will be replaced by the team of Cosell and Handwerger.


To other readers - Sorry, folks. These are some inside jokes between Sean and I.