Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Egg and Cheese Sandwich

My phone rang a short time ago, with the news that teen sensation Sean Adams wanted "one of
Daddy's amazing" cheesy egg concoctions.

Let's not get into why that news was delivered via a phone call. It would waste valuable brain cells.

So I went upstairs, grabbed the frying pan, plopped some butter in in, whipped two eggs, lightly toasted some bread (we didn't have rolls or bagels), threw a piece of cheese on the toast, laid the eggs on top, and it was done. His majesty asked for a piece of ham on the side, and I complied. I put my ham on my sandwich (after heating it up, of course).

Sean raved. "You really are a great sandwich-maker. You get the right consistency of the cheese, without overpowering the eggs."

Yes. That's a quote.

Yet there is nothing special about it. To be honest, I think my egg and cheese creations are terrible. I think a few people have gagged them down at one time or another.

The eggs aren't fluffy enough. I've dabbled with different attempts at adding flavor and the results have been, at best, tepid.

Still Sean likes them.


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