Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I grabbed my copy of the Darien Times Thursday morning, which featured an editorial by Susan Shultz, on the recent girls hockey game situation, along with overall thoughts about gender equality.

Before you roll your eyes, this isn't some kind of "I am woman, hear my roar bra-burning manifesto." Gloria Steinem is nowhere to be found. This is just a common-sense view of doing what's right.

I am so proud of this editorial, and how it looped into my overall vision for HAN Radio, that I hung it at my desk in Ridgefield. It's strong, powerful, and passionate.

I'm also honored to have inspired the editorial, but it is really more about the girls on those two hockey teams than it is about me. I'm a conduit, and nothing more.

It speaks of respect, a concept that will always drive me. I demand it - from others and from myself.

Anyway, it seems the story has died, and the two teams won't play a rematch. That's too bad.

Respect is more than an Aretha Franklin song. It's also harder thing to achieve than at first glance. It should be easy. It's not.

Guess that's about all I've got.

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