Friday, March 06, 2015

Just a Minute

I felt the need to stop in and say hi. You'd think I could do this once a day, but no.

I read of a Mahopac guy tonight who took his own life yesterday. I don't know anything more than that, but it serves as a fine reminder that there are people who will listen when things are hopeless. It doesn't mean they have the answers, but they'll try to help somehow.

That isn't always what one needs, but it's a start. Not all help has to be about money (and let's face it: that's the biggest stress, perhaps, of them all).

What little I know is that this person was from Mahopac and lived in Greenwich. I sort of know both places fairly well.

UPDATE: Jeff Pearlman has more on David Clingerman, MHS grad.

Regardless, I'm sad to see what I'm reading on social media. People are suffering.

There's a lot of suffering going on.


I had a conversation with someone about religion tonight. Faith is supposed to bring us a certain sense of peace, thus the segue. My dad often preached (see what I did there?) that one shouldn't talk religion or politics, but it was a very nice conversation on a dangerous topic.

Minds don't get changed. That wasn't the purpose of the chat anyway. I'm glad I had it.

There's a thought now that we don't really need to be raised on religion. To each their own. I know those who have been impacted very negatively by organized religion. Others do it out of tradition. Others do it because they want to.

Again, your mileage may vary.

While I'm on the topic of such things, I'm going to post this story from the Darien Times about the passing of Cardinal Edward Egan. I have strong thoughts here, but I'll return to what my father believed. However, I will say that there is no defense when it comes to abuse of children.


The reporting, however, is exquisite in its simplicity, because, to be honest, it's far more complex than you realize. Darien should realize how lucky they are, and they don't, to be blunt. They don't give "Editor of the Year" awards, and that's too bad.

Yet like talking about religion, I'll stop there.


Lastly, Han Solo/Indiana Jones/Jack Ryan/Dr. Richard Kimble/Mr. Calista Flockhart appears to be just fine. For the love of a Wookie, he made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, survived carbonite freezing, got around the snakes, beat Hitler, and survived the godawful Temple of Doom with Short Round and the Crystal Skull. He can handle this. Hell, he survived Air Force One, right?

May the Force be with you, Harrison.

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