Friday, July 19, 2013

My New Headset

Yeah, I know.  File this under "Couldn't Care Less" (possible sarcasm intended).

I was excited to come home last night and find a box outside the front door, with the following inside.
Yes, a new broadcast headset.  I've been calling games since 1995 (when I began doing the softball championship for Kraft and Philip Morris to be carried on the in-house TV system).  We bought very inexpensive Radio Shack headsets a year later, which aren't suitable for the radio use, but served their purpose at the time.  I still have those, and we've tried using them on WGCH, but it hasn't quite panned out.  Plus the sound quality isn't the best.

Upon moving to 'GCH in 1997, where I began calling games two years later, I used headsets owned by the station, or a couple of old models that I grabbed when WREF closed down in early '97.

We've been struggling at 'GCH for headsets ever since, and I've been talking about buying one of my own for years.

The great Senniheisers that you often see being used by "the big boys" can run over $400.  That, as you can imagine, is a little steep.  Maybe one day, but not now.

I found the Audio-Technica's in the picture on eBay.  The price was right (and lower than their usual price) and they sound good.  Plus they were in the original packaging.

What it also means is that I guess I'm sticking around a little longer.  For now, anyway.

A Facebook friend, fellow broadcaster, posted that he wondered if it is time to give up on being in this business.  I've been wondering this as well.  There are some really depressing times (I'll spare you more).

But I bought the headset. I'll start year 14 calling Cardinals games in September, and we'll go from there.  I bought it.  Now I want to use it.

Or I'll be putting them on eBay.


Darren Mcandrews said...

Wow, that headset really looks great, Rob! How's the performance? Did you know that the quality of sound depends on how it was made? The one that you have is supposed to give you a surround sound feel to it while avoiding ear damage due to loud sounds.

Darren Mcandrews @ Ear Peace

Rob Adams said...


So far, the sound has been great, and the headset itself has been comfortable. No complaints - good value for the price!